DEAD POETs Society


1. Watch the video clip.

2. After watching the video clip. read Luke 12:15-34 and James 4:11-17.

3. Answer the questions below in your journal.

QUESTION #1 - What are the similarities between Mr. Keating's (the teacher) advice to his students and Jesus' advice in Luke 12?  

QUESTION #2 - Knowing that we will all die sometime, how should that affect the way you live your life now?

QUESTION#3 - Where should we find our significance?  Where do you find your significance?  Where do non-believers find their significance?

QUESTION #4 - If you could do anything without the possibility of failing, what would it be?  

QUESTION #5 - What do you want people to say about you once you are gone?

QUESTION #6 - How does carpe diem apply to James 4:11-17?

QUESTION #7 - After answering all these questions, look back at you answers for 3, 4, 5, & 6.  Where do they fit together?  Where do you think you need to make some changes?  Once you have answer this question, use these thoughts to help you answer question #8.

QUESTION #8 - What do you think makes a person successful and extraordinary?