1. Watch the video clip.

2. Read James 4:13-17.

3. After watching the video clipped reading the passage from James, answer the questions below in your journal.

Coach Gaines gives a great description of friendship. 

QUESTION #1 - Do you have this type of trust with another person? If so, with whom and why?

QUESTION #2 - What does it mean to have a full heart? (No simple answers.  Think about it and thoroughly answer the question)

QUESTION #3 - When do you find yourself praying the most?  (Be specific.  Give multiple examples)

QUESTION #4 - Who is another person or persons you can pray for? (Think about what you are experiencing right now in the midst of the corona virus)

QUESTION #5 - Read James 4:13-17. How does this passage relate to the video clip you just watched?  How does this passage relate to the corona virus epedemic?

QUESTION #6 - Discuss the idea of living for others and not just “self”.  How can you do that practically today?  How can you continue to do it while you are home?